100+ Doctors Tell You The TRUTH About Battling Coronavirus

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I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of my colleagues for not only being on the frontlines, but also for making the time to share their unique stories, experiences, and even hopes with everyone at home. It is clear, while we have different specialties, perspectives, appearances, and locations of practice, we are more united than we realize. I consider myself extremely blessed and proud to say we share the title "Dr." during these challenging times.
If you'd like to thank or speak with any doctor you saw in the video, click here for a spreadsheet with contact information: bit.ly/2RmE0AN
P.S. In case you were wondering about "Donald P. Owens" name at the end of the video. My partner, friend, and editor (Dan Owens) lost his father right at the outset of this project due to CV. While we missed Dan's ability to edit this video into a complete masterpiece, the team and I did our best with what Dan taught us.
My Coronavirus playlist: fistream.info/main/PLJRbJuI_csVDDJXtC8wm5UcVKV_CNP84j.html
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If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review/Responding to comments Series in a couple of weeks, so please submit more names of shows/questions you'd like for me to watch/answer. I love you all! - Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • As a med student!! Very much inspired by the video! Thanks Dr.Mike❤️

    Apoorva PatilApoorva Patil2 päivää sitten
  • Sick people

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  • Oh guess what here in the UK, So desperate they are for a positive test you will be paid £500.00,sound dodgy?

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  • brother in law is an anesthesiologist. last month, my sister (his wife) and their 3 yo daughter caught covid, to continue working and not spread the virus to his patients, he couldn't even take care of her - sister's syndromes weren't serious (thankfully) and she went by 2 weeks without her sense of taste and a low fever.. my niece only got a light cold and felt better in a few days - sister told me how lonely she felt being sick, but knowing that if she made her husband stay with her, she'd be risking the lives of all his patients. it makes me feel humbled that many HC/essential workers might have felt that struggle with their families and friends.. god bless.

    hanna laredohanna laredo6 päivää sitten
  • As an aspiring doctor who is doing undergrad biomedical engineering the final ' Stay alert not anxious ' gave me chills and also hope that one day this will all be over and our lives will be normal again. And also being a nurse's daughter, showing a little appreciation by clapping for ALL the front line workers in the morning and evening is something we can all do. Thank you, Dr. Mike in fact ALL the front-line workers for what you do !!!!!!!

    Juvel SunilJuvel Sunil6 päivää sitten
  • just to lighten the mood up, the amount of asians in the video is so contagious, it makes me, an asian, want to be a doctor.

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  • The thumbnail made it look like a "Dame Da Ne" video

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  • It's funny how when asked, "What gives you hope?" Only 1 of the hundred so-called doctors says vaccines. This guy is a dangerous joke that should be censored but unfortunately is not. Plus so many of the videos in this edit are uncharacteristically professionally lit for doctors who are supposedly working sooo many extra hours. The world has gone mad!!!!!

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  • You are the best doctor

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  • Medical doctors leading cause of killers in the world... don't trust them🤯☠💩

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  • 6:15 this is so true i mean my dad takes it very seriously if i go to the hospital i have to social distance for 2 weeks

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  • Dr Mike, what would you say to some doctors, such as Dr Ben Tapper who are publicly downplaying the virus? I don’t actually know if he’s a real doctor, but I’ve been following all the official guidelines and it’s strange to hear the reverse from a supposed “doctor”

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  • meanwhile my neighbours are pretty terrible so i have to see them smoking and kids making racket'

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  • The virus is getting worse by day. And honestly the thing I’m scared of is death... I know the chances are low but I’m still scared. Is there any way to overcome it?

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  • Please also thank you IT team as well. While we may not be doctors or medically trained (some may have medical knowledge or the very least CPR trained) we know it's a scary situation when a patient is in need and the computer systems aren't working.

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  • Thank you for everyone who’s doing their part ❤️ 😢

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  • it can be cured easly in 3 days

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  • 7:11 Dr. Alex even came up with a prescription for us! I love it when doctors are dedicated to their patients and go out of their way to support them. Also I appreciate his sense of humor. If he has a FIstream channel, I can imagine it being so enriching✨

    Fabiola GutierrezFabiola Gutierrez16 päivää sitten
  • When he said "I wish other members of the healthcare team would get recognition besides just doctors & nurses." I was like finally! Thank you! -PCT, CRCST, CST student 😊 Thank you!

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  • i cried so much watching this

    Brandon's QuestBrandon's Quest16 päivää sitten
  • The whole video gave me chills. I work in a pharmacy. I don't get the choice to work from home and a lot of people don't realize that. So the days I get even 1 person saying "thank you for being here" it gives me chills. I'm getting teary just writing this. To everyone whose worked through this pandemic, if you're considered frontline or essential, THANK YOU!

    Rachel WoodwardRachel Woodward16 päivää sitten
  • Anti social distancing people are disliking the video. sad :(

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  • I’ve lost good friends that are teachers. I pray for those on the frontlines. They are my heroes.

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  • Thank you all🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️🏥 ❤️

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  • What total bollox

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  • Watching the many tictoc videos of nurses and doctors all doing huge choreographed dances and politicians going out to dinner etc and not social distancing themselves makes me think its not as bad as were being told.

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  • So you get 100 doctors together for this video who all agree but if someone gets a group of doctors together who go against whst your group says there wrong,, spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories???

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  • I am currently wanting to go into med school when I can, and this brings me tears. It reminds me that when I surpass my medical school goals, I will be able to make an effect on other peoples’ lives.

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  • Just watched this on January 3 , a whole new phase, and wonder how all these people are doing. Thank you for this Dr. Mike.

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  • Everyone please stop going out if not needed Think about our frontliners who risk their lives just to save us,us who keeps gettig out and makig it hard for them if you ever hought about them please keep in mind they need your cooperation by not going out I know we are all bored or somethig else in our own home but have you ever thought about the things that might happen if you got infected? -you might get your loved ones infected and in danger -you might become sever or critical -you can die But most importantly have you ever thought about the frontliner's families? Some of them can't even get to see or hug their families Their families wanted to see their family members but guess what those people who they cant even see are fighting against this "unseen enemy" thats why we need to stop going out when not needed,dont forget to wash your hands,wear facemasks, and social distance So that is my warning and salute to our frontliners Keep in mind they are all keeping us safe Btw not just doctors and nurses are in danger also the Security guards,police,employees on grocery stores,etc.

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  • I hereby introduce you to herbal Dr. Ikpoko on FIstream who also helped me defeat genital herpes permanently

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    • And there's your cognitive dissonance right there, and oh look, Dr Mike agrees.

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  • I'm a highschool senior who is planning to become a doctor. I'm not the smartest nor am I special in any way. The medical field has always interested me through the sciences involved but now, I found a better reason to get through college and medical school during this pandemic. It absolutely sucks not being able to do anything to help those around me. I see all these people getting sick and the death toll rising. It's just so hard to sit there and see these people die and I know that I can take the small steps to help these frontline medical professionals but I always feel as if I'm not doing enough. So for now, I will do my best to get into a good college and through medical school. That way, I can help the way these doctors do.

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  • It's only right i introduce y'all to Dr.ademiso on youtube the great herbal healer with natural roots and herbs supplement which cures herpes virus permanently from the body system, I'm a living witness to his good works

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  • Don’t give the money to the CDC they are part of the corrupt give the money to the homeless who are on the streets

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  • I love this: “We are Not stuck at home. We are safe at home.” I have so much respect for all of the frontline workers no matter if they are nurses doctors surgeons Paramedics and anyone I might have left out! They are all so incredible. They’re the true heroes!! Thank you!

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  • Cool to see some British doctors on this!

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  • I think the reason why they keep talking fast is because they want to talk about a lot of things.

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  • BS

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  • Average lifespan of most Western countries = 82 (79 in USA), average age of people dying "with" (not necessarily from) COVID-19 = 85. The testing that they are performing does not detect the coronavirus. At best, it detects the most common antibodies that everyone has all the time (and we've had them since way before SARS-CoV-2 was ever a thing), and then they assign this as a COVID-19 case. That means that the "cases" are fraudulent. Period. Yes, there is evidence that the illness exists (please note that there is no evidence that a virus which causes this illness exists. None.), however you can't honestly say that these aren't the same deaths that occur every year, when the average age is greater than the average lifespan, and the incidence of 2 or more comorbidities is greater than 90%. The USA has been a very unhealthy country for a long time, thanks to smoking too much, eating too much and too many refined sugars, not exercising enough, malnutrition (lack of vitamins and minerals in fast food), and honestly, a lot of cities in the USA are some of the dirtiest, I've ever seen (some are the cleanest, like Bellingham, WA). It's time to take responsibility for your own health and for the information that you choose to believe.

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  • Pierre Kory, M.D., Associate Professor Is claiming Ivermectin is prevention for Covid 19. Could you fact check & make post

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  • S/O to Dr.ademiso on youtube who came to my rescue when suffering bitterly from the genital herpes and everything was possible using his natural roots and herbs remedy

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    • Might be good to get tested, then.

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  • This is all programming from ignorant complaint sheep for the Deep State. If you are buying this you are a loser

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  • A doc idk his or her name: don’t touch your face Me: stops touching my face

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  • Thank you for this Dr. Mike! & Thanks to everyone taking part in this Video! 💗

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  • Do not stay home get out so your immune system can work. Simple common sense. Being cooped up does not work. Think about it. All Glory goes to God. In Jesus name we pray amen.

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    • Yea, we're already facing an overpopulation crisis. Let the intellectually challenged heed to your advice and may the fittest survive.

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  • Thanks alot guys we in South africa appreciate you alot and your family that are also at risk we will keep on praying for u Gustav from Cape Town South Africa

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  • The problem is if we close the country again my mom will lose her business that she’s worked so hard for but I know that we can’t lose more lives so

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  • My mother is in the hospital because she was tested for covid and her test came back positive and she had chess Xrays and she has pneumonia and I just got tested and it came back positive so I am isolated, but I am feeling better I have a hard time breathing but I knew that would happen because I have asthma so, but thank you doctor mike for keeping me entertained and educated during this hard time.

    AriAri2 kuukautta sitten
  • Really appreciate this video Also the prescription at 7:10 got a good laugh out of me xD I'll go build a fort later

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  • I wish I could donate but I am only young. My mum was a COVID-19 nurse for 3 months, therefore, I couldn’t hug her. It was VERY hard. I hope this ends soon..... God bless to however read this.

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  • I'm not a practicing doctor. As of December will have completed my licensing exam. But this really made me tear. There's so many people putting their lives on the line and I just want to say I can't wait to be a part of it. It isn't a job, it's a calling !

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  • It works, i'm perfectly fine now with herbs i took for the herpes permanent cure i return all thanks to Dr.ademiso on youtube for this

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  • My battle q covid and my 99 yed old mom fistream.info/work/videot/eM-agderpnOzypM

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  • Why not test the people who had covid 19 to see if theyre body made antibodies against the virus? That's basically the easiest cure to make logically

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