Doctor Fact-Checks Politicians On Coronavirus

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I've fact-checked the media a couple weeks ago on the coronavirus headlines, now its time for me to keep the politicians honest. From Joe Biden to President Trump there has been misinformation being shared by our politicians. Here are a few examples as well as my take on ending social-distancing.
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  • it being 2021 and us probably going back into lockdown lmao

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  • YES!!! It’s the credentials and dedication + bedside manners that count the most

    Tara ChenTara ChenPäivä sitten
  • Hi Dr Mike!!! I have been your fan for a really long time :) and watched a lot of educative, entertaining, and heartfelt videos from you. Your knowledge is portrayed in such a humble way and you truly seek to educate people so that they can make healthier decisions for themselves and their families. I love the humor that you bring to each one, even in the most dire circumstances like COVID19. I am hoping to ask you to make a video on the ways that different fields of medicine are changing their approach, to combat risks associated with COVID19. One field in particular is dentistry and orthodontics which is moving towards the use of dental lasers particularly the ones produced by BIOLASE. However, very few people have heard about the company's products and how it can revolutionize dentistry. Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider making a video mentioning this? THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!

    Tara ChengTara ChengPäivä sitten
  • Amazing how this one FIstream dude has ALL the knowledge, all the answers no one else has ! Why all we need to do is turn our lives over to him and the world will become perfection !

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  • I have a friend in Africa who said that Hydroxychloroquin is used for Malaria and even used preventatively almost daily for some people. He said it isn’t harmful. I have also heard it really does help treat Covid. Always take as directed. I’m not a doctor. I have just started using colloidal silver and that has been helping me a lot as well as ACF. Both found on Amazon. God bless and take care ❤️❤️❤️

    Natalie OhlssonNatalie Ohlsson4 päivää sitten
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  • Trump 역경을극복 하시고 ㆍ제2의미 국부흥기을 창조 하시면은 불가능한 것이 아닙니다 ㅡㆍ위대한 지도자 란 ㆍ어둠과 혼란 ㆍ무질서을 스스로 극기하여 하늘의 천리이치에 합일 하는자가 진정한 지도자의 참모습이 아닐까요ㆍ이것이 우주혼돈시대 ㅡ태극지도로서 진화된 창조ㆍ진화 의 산물입니다 ㅡok 제2의 링컨보다 더높은 치적을 쌓는 지름길 입니다ㆍ ㅡ도통군자올림ㅡ

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  • On March 24th, 2020 I was working at a group home for adults who have intellectual disabilities because our day program closed. Today, January 5th 2021, I emailed my students with learning disabilities to see how they're going with their remote classes.

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  • Me 3 days before New Years when this is clearly gonna be a year plus of social distancing, and he's talking about estimations of April 12

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  • I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Thank you, dr Mike, for pointing out the lack of access to treatment for those of us with autoimmune as a result of Trump's 'miracle cure' comments. I've noticed a lot of ableism and comments suggesting people like me are afterthoughts through this pandemic so your commentary was refreshing.

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  • Thank you for all of your work to help keep the public informed and healthy both with knowledge and treatments at the hospital. A special thank you for attacking disinformation regardless of political party or source. We don't have enough of this happening.

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  • Why aren’t any medical professionals promoting the building of the immune system with vitamin C, D and zinc. My family has been exposed to Covid 3 times and tested negative 2 times. Dr. Linus Pauling was an American chemist who studied megadoses of vitamin C and won the Nobel Peace Prize. His research was inspired by Dr. Frederick Klenner who cured 100% of his polio patients during the polio epidemic with high doses of IV vitamin C. It’s worth sharing with the public as prevention.

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  • I'm back after several months, watching this video right now as a medical student. Pretty sick… about how racism is an everyday occurrence and how politicians use the pandemic as leverage for political purposes. are those idiotic bastards thinking or are their brains actually functional? Celebrating in huge crowds with zero social distance. Yes. I am talking about the parties after the election. We really need that right now. More patients. Hah. I'll go chill off and get rid of my caffeine addiction.

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