Doctor Mike and Mortician React To “Six Feet Under”

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Caitlin Doughty is the creator behind the FIstream channel “Ask A Mortician” where she normalizes death and educates her audience about what happens after… well… you know. Being the brilliant mortician she is, I thought it would make a lot of sense for us to not react to a medical drama, but a death drama, so we watched HBO’s Six Feet Under. Despite my years of medical training and experience, there isn’t a lot I know about what happens to the human body after it dies, so Caitlin enlightened me to things such as what happens to prosthetics, the smells of a mortuary, and what happens to your various orifices.
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  • This was very intresting!! I lost my 62 year old husband to cancer in 2013, and the mortician made him look SO alive. I was impressed.

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  • We basically learn plastic surgery of types.js.

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  • Caitlin's FIstream channel is one of my favorite channels. In the past few years I lost 2 very important people to me. Watching her FIstream channel and how she explains death on so many different levels really helped me understand a lot.

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  • "I like to do it as quickly as possible" "YOU GON' DIE SORREEE BBBYEEEEE" *mike jogs off down hall ignoring patients calls for answers*

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  • When I lost my ex to cancer in 2009 he was the first body I've ever seen who didn't seem happy being dead. I was used to a peaceful expression. He looked pissed off, which is pretty much how he spent his life.

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  • A good friend of mine went from studying archaeology to now being an undertaker/mortician. Is this a common thing? :D

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  • My only caveat is that Caitlin didn’t get to clarify that she is not necessarily pro embalming. Don’t need AV plugs if you just want to molder/decompose naturally in an eco cemetery FYI

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  • ok I had to stop mid vid.. I was faced with death of another person for the first time, he passed away basically under my hands. later I was also the person amcompanying the wife to see her husband one last time. don´t ask how I ended up in the room, but I was with her seeing the corpse. I still don´t really know what to do of that and especially in that moment didn´t know what to do

    TheHeywasgehtTheHeywasgehtPäivä sitten
  • When my dad was passing from Lewy-Body dementia, he claimed and the nurse in icu said he was dead. Five minutes later, he took a deeeeep breath and kept on breathing. He always was a stubborn man. We imagined him saying, "I'll go when I'M ready." He was 30 days short of his 95th birthday and had dementia decline for about 6 years.

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  • Thank you both. Thank you Dr for saying how you tell your patients straight forward. That means so much to patients, well most patients. I am a retired RN and have a husband with metastatic cancer, plus another cancer that is stage 4, he has been doing the fight since 2008 and is just plain tired. It really bothers us when Oncology tries to give him options, we understand their reason that they have to give the choices, but they always try to paint a pretty picture and even down play the side effects. He always has to tell them that he believes quality of life is more important than quantity.

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  • I held a brain once for a psychology class and for me it was super unsettling because like the brain is the life the brain is everything about who a person is and to hold that in my hands is just so weird to me.

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  • This is fascinating and strange to me, because I grew up in a culture where embalming does not happen and post mortem care involves washing and wrapping and sitting with until the (usually relatively quick) funeral, but nothing like embalming. I knew the basics of embalming but never this level of detail.

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  • I saw my dead grandma minutes after she died and saw pictures of my dead dad and yeah, they both didn't really look like themselves anymore even though I had seen both alive only days before. Didn't traumatize me to see them dead and yes it actually did help with realizing the whole thing. Both also didn't just die super peacefully in their sleep so their position in death was definitely not exactly nice and calm.

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  • I cannot recommend Caitlin's book 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes' highly enough - it truly cemented my love for embalming and the funeral trade.

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    • I'm so sorry!

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  • Thanks so much for this Dr. Mike & Caitlin!💯 After losing a friend to suicide just over a month ago, plus my dad almost ten years ago, I truly appreciate the perspective here. (I can agree with funerals providing closure as well.) Dr. Mike, thank you for your courage in covering this subject.💙 And Caitlin, I think what you said about working with the brain was so profound; thanks for sharing.🖤

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