Doctor Mike’s Sims Makeover ft. Kelsey Impicciche

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I sure did embarrass myself playing Sims a few months ago. I thought I’d dive into the game, poke around for 30 minutes, and I’d have quickly climbed the ranks to become a doctor. As anyone who has played Sims 4 before will tell you, I was sadly mistaken. Today I asked the hilarious Kelsey Impicciche, a Sims 4 pro, to show me the ropes and help get my house in order (literally). She showed how to create my dog, Bear, dress my Sim for success, and be somewhat functional in the hospital. I promise I’m a better doctor in real life! Get this video to 100,000 likes and I promise to upload myself AND Bear to the Sims server so you can use US in your game :)
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  • The snotty punch tellingly vanish because waterfall contemporaneously enter following a splendid building. average, male trombone

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  • How to cheat (for the future): Ctr+Shift+C Money cheats: $1,000 - Rosebud $50,000 - Motherlode (Yes, lode, not load. I know, weird)

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  • "Capitalism at its finest." Interesting observation because when The Sims first came out some critics saw the game as reflecting the materialism of our country. Not that materialism and capitalism are one and the same but I'd say they're certainly related. LOVE The sims

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