Doctors React to Outrageous Medical Memes Ep 14

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I met my dear friend, Dr. Dilshad Atwal, on my first day of college, and we hit it off right away. All these years later I invited him over to check out some new funny medical memes! There was a lot of good stuff in here, including the difference between cardio and weight lifting, COVID masks causing acne, vitamin gummies, pain management (Dilshad’s specialty), vaccines, and our never-ending struggle to get enough sleep!
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • In order to curb the crave for eating food when burning fat myself and other of my friends who are athletes drink water instead of food, possible a placebo effect but works none the less.

    Jumbie & MHRJumbie & MHR2 tuntia sitten
  • 6:28 ok I have theories so 1)he is crying for help 2)he is rethinking his life choices and 3)he’s giving a warning to stop making fun of him

    Julia BensousanJulia Bensousan2 tuntia sitten
  • I should be doing my math from last week.....

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  • He gave us a reason to call school hell

    tokyo ghoul and black knighttokyo ghoul and black knightPäivä sitten
  • my teacher: why aren't you sitting down me ; the doctor recommended me to not sit down for long periods of time

    Jael aguilarJael aguilarPäivä sitten
  • Oh my! The parent in medicine would definitely be something my girls, now young adults, would agree with. I am a Physician Assistant and they would say something hurt and I would say, "Okay or get a band aid". And they would just stand there! 🤣99.9% of the time it0 was absolutely nothing. I have friends who ran their kids to to doctors for everything. My poor kids got make shift splints for fingers and I actually did fix dislocated fingers in my kitchen from my youngest who was a gymnast! My poor kids!

    Anonymous oneAnonymous onePäivä sitten
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  • Is that coughing i hear?!

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  • Have pika, can relate to that dog, I have also eaten a hole in a wall before

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  • Seeing as neither of you got Nathan Pyle's comic, I think it's fair to say that you don't need to be all that clever to be a doctor. Good memory etc., but not clever.

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  • Whats the difference between the different blue outfits doctors wear?

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  • Dr.Mike:you sit you die.also him:*sitting down*

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  • The 4 panel comic was from the Strange Planet line (Nathan Pyle posts them on FB, and also has two collections published so far, 'Strange Planet' and 'Stranger Planet'). That particular one was about a child needing help with their math homework and about how parents tend to be terrible at helping with that, a common joke and general truth. The whole line of comics are about re-wording common expressions to make them more strange sounding and alien. Sort of poking fun about how odd some of our human habits would be from an outside perspective by having these aliens do the same thing, but slightly different. I wonder if I've already mentioned this? I don't think i've seen this video before, but it is 3 months old....

    That Sodding GamerThat Sodding Gamer3 päivää sitten
  • 4:31 yay I'm internet famous

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  • The third season pharmacokinetically reflect because yellow demographically satisfy abaft a thin indonesia. somber, low shirt

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  • Dr Mike: sitting down for too long is dangerous Students who have to sit on their desk for 8 hours straight: breh

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  • Normal People: Sarah Flew Mike T: Thera Flu

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  • Doctor Mike is my doc

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  • 8:20 Somehow my mom managed to kill a cactus by not watering it enough.

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  • Omg my dad is a doctor and he’s EXACTLY like that.

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  • Him sitting forward is bad for you Me........... welp imma die

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  • The eatable hat reassembly tap because stem briefly rub per a secretive priest. wrathful, careless apple

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  • Your really need to look more at Strange Planet!

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  • My mom is a nurse I have broken three bones and every single time my mom brought me in the next day even though she knew they were broken

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  • Dr. mike I’m a 10 year old girl and I have been having little pimples how do I treat them

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  • 5:52 laughs in both

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  • Dr: "sitting with your back arched is bad..." *starts sitting up*

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  • Dr. Mike: you sit you die me : *instantly stand up* *gets lightheaded* *sits back down*

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  • 7:33 I am lying down but sitting at the same time (my legs in air) so I get the best of both worlds. Is that healthy?

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  • what did that vegetable one mean?

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  • Y'all have patterns in your sleeping habits?

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  • Dr. Mike: "sitting is like the worst thing you can do to yourself" Me in a wheelchair: well... fu*k.

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  • when your doctor makes the face Mike made at 4:44 you know it's bad

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  • The parent in a medical field thing is bang on. I called my mum at the hospital to tell her I'd cut myself when a glass I was washing broke and she said "out some ice on it, you'll be fine". When she got home "oh, you can see the bone through that cut. Oh well, too late now". Still have the scar.

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  • Hey are you calling me fat. NaBro

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  • I only make fun of asthmatics during their attacks.

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  • 7:38 then why do people have to sit for 7 hours at school or work Why do we have to sit for that long or longer if it’s so bad for you

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  • I hate vegetals. The wheelchairs are too hard to digest

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  • Hi Mike my hip is dead do u know how I can sleep on my left side without pain ni have two pins and it dislocated I would like to know if there is a way I can sleep on my left BTW its the left hip plz rspond

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  • "Sitting is dangerous to your health" I wonder how they still look perfectly ok during editing and during video.

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  • "You sit you die" now look at them

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  • I have a million blackheads in my mask area. But that's probably because I'm a lazy, tired, fat slob who doesn't want to shower :)

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  • Its so good that you are reacting to a meme and explaining the medical things also. It's so beautiful.

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  • funny how smart doctors are, but dumb enough to not get some simple memes

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  • My mother had surgery one time and she woke up during it and was irritated by her air thingy on her mouth (sorry don't know these things) and said "hey the airs leaking" and the doctors tried not freaking out as much as possible and said "yeah thank you." and fixed it so she could go back to sleep.

    0 70 710 päivää sitten

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