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Today I took a look at the story of Casey from TLC’s “Family By The Ton”, a show dedicated to following the journey of a real family’s weight loss. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the title of this show, but I decided to press on anyway and see if there was anything valuable to discuss. At his heaviest, Casey weighed 845 pounds and almost never left his father’s house where he stayed in bed and played video games all day. Today, Casey is employed, living on his own, and weighs under 300 pounds. His journey is nothing short of incredible, due in part to a supportive family, a strong medical team, bariatric surgery, and a commitment to improving his quality of life. Go, Casey!
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  • So far it's pretty spot on, I appreciate the honesty and professionalism. To hear someone speak from a medical standpoint it's easier to take in criticisms and I really appreciate him explaining everything out to help others understand the mindset and how things are. It wasn't a fun life, I was miserable, the whole jounrey has been insane and crazy to apart of. I appreciate Dr. Mike for putting this out there, shouting my channel out in the bio, talking on how I'm doing now and everything. This was a really great watch, thanks everyone for the love and support and thanks again Dr. Mike

    Casey King FBTTCasey King FBTTUukausi sitten
    • Keep up the great work, Casey! We’re all so proud of you

      Vanessa VarelaVanessa Varela11 tuntia sitten
    • Way to go Casey ..... you are an inspiration to myself and so many others...I had a sleeve surgery as well and have hit a hard plateau...this has moved me to keep going

      Toni BoyerToni Boyer16 tuntia sitten
    • Appreciate the feedback everyone, it means a lot. I'm just a regular dude tbh, trying to live longer and make memories. Love y'all

      Casey King FBTTCasey King FBTTPäivä sitten
    • One of the best comments I have ever seen

    • Exactly

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  • i think this is giving hope to ppl and i think everybody who is saying dr.mike is very mean to ppl that are obese are wrong the way he look at him when he saw how skinny he was ,was so sweet.

    Mannat GillMannat Gill47 minuuttia sitten
  • my mother 5 years ago today i think she went on a diet. She was over weight and has basicly lost all of the weight she needed to. She was decently over weight and was just walking and going to the gym which she actually didn't do a lot in the begining but now does it a lot. My whole family actually has been or is over weight. Non of us have ever been close to 300 hundred but me my brother and sister are over weight. Its honestly in our genetics and how we ate. And still do. But my sister is losing weight, and both of them are in stableish spots but now that they are adults and how much things are with how much they are making and the time that they have left from things also contibuted to that for them but me i still live with my parents. I know what ill be doing and how i will so i think i will be able to combat it better then my siblings have from like when they have had moved out. But i mostly wanted to share about my mother losing all of her weight. She actually didn't get any surgerys for removing weight or even to remove the flabby skin from the weight that she had. I'm actually planning on maybe when i move out for her to get a surgery for that removed for her since she doesn't want to spend money on her self like that.

    Chris IrelandChris Ireland5 tuntia sitten
  • do you not think hes stress eating i do that all the time i gain like a lil bit of punds then i work them off at the middle of the night

    Jeffrey CovingtonJeffrey Covington6 tuntia sitten
  • Wow, that’s incredible! It’s so nice to see

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  • just had a sudden realization that im like about 20-30ish pounds overweight, im gonna go workout, see you guys later lol.

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  • Dr. Proctor 🤣omigosh heheheheheheh

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  • After and before the surgery, you can kind of hear the change in his voice

    Liam FieldLiam Field10 tuntia sitten
  • I almost cried. Good for that guy!

    James CarterJames Carter10 tuntia sitten
  • Thank you for all your compassion and care for all your patient's..

    Denise AbramsDenise Abrams11 tuntia sitten
  • I hope your videos get viewed by the people who would benefit from your insight

    aariaMBaariaMB12 tuntia sitten
  • My uncle was severely obese, like couldnt go to the bathroom in the bathroom. He knew he was killing himself but depression makes you not care

    Roxie R. HeartRoxie R. Heart13 tuntia sitten
  • Thank you for handling this with grace, it's not often that people react to these cases holistically.

    Maggi RMaggi R13 tuntia sitten
  • Yeah I I weigh 300 pounds of weight 300 pounds for the past two years and I’ve tried dieting and exercise but I’ve stayed at 300

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  • he looks like a young Chris Farley

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  • What if he smoke meth

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  • Hi I have i quest I have a little problem with gaming and eating the thing is I don’t eat much and do almost nothing So I have nothing that I want to be superrrrrr skinny cause I don’t give a f@-k about that but I eat almost nothing cause I am very picky so is there anything I could do about that ??

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  • Ngl 10:29 my guy lookin fresh

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  • Dr Mike: I consider myself a gamer Dr Mike's minecraft video:

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  • Basically like the stuff you need to learn and think about when you go to rehab for drugs... but for food... triggers and stuff

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  • 3:56 what did the pigs do to him so he offended them in this way

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  • Imagine being so big you have to have a cat scan in a thing made for animals, that right there would be motivation enough to me to lose weight.

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  • He does consider himself a gamer, guys. So you know you can trust him.

    Watcher LookerWatcher Looker23 tuntia sitten
  • Anyone who says that this Doctor is fat phobic just because he's saying the truth, that this man is extremely unhealthy is ignorant there's a difference between being unhealthy and just not being skinny. There are ppl that aren't thin but they are healthy, like me. But HE is unhealthy, he can't even bathe properly

    FaithFaithPäivä sitten
  • He is like Jaba da HuT

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  • i really appreciate how nonjudgemental mike is, thats really nice of him

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  • No obese guy doesn't have any money to buy food ..they live in a nice home the father has money the father is buying all the food like someone with money buys heroin for a heroin addict

    Damper GoldenrodDamper GoldenrodPäivä sitten
  • I just feel so bad for them.

    Patricia APatricia APäivä sitten
  • I love learning from your videos and your knowledge. Thank you for sharing. This made me wonder - which snack brands are the healthiest (when eaten in moderation)? Most chocolate-heavy brands are clearly a no-no, but I've been told before to steer clear of some of the "healthy" snack bars because of the amount of natural sugar (honey etc) hidden in it that makes them less healthy than a chocolate bar.

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  • Bro, this is how I look like in the mirror. Maybe I need a different kind of doctor. Like a psychiatrist

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  • I had surgery before and that was for my eye because my eyelid was not wide open and that was when I was 4

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  • Thank you for watching this and talking about it because I'm in a wheelchair with TERRIBLE chronic pain and obese as a result (really on the line between overweight and obese), and sometimes I don't care if I get huge, but hearing about these dangers and how much it takes out of the system is important for someone like me to see when I can still do something about it.

    Katie OberstKatie OberstPäivä sitten
  • I wish I had a Dr like you right now. I'm almost 300lbs and I'm becoming hopeless that I will ever get this weight off. My Dr is somewhat useless. He just says diet and exercise. But he really doesn't tell me how. I've tried keto. I actually lost 60 lbs doing this diet. But I fell off the wagon and gained it all back plus some. I want it off for good. I just need some guidance.

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  • 1:26 friggin youtube

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  • This could be an Inspiration for a diet And some work out

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  • Ok for me I eat so much food but I work out so much I burn all the calories that I eat in a day

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  • How do fat people shit?

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  • You can see in doctor Mike eyes he totally cared and was proud of him. Beautiful heart this man has!

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  • "That's what a good doctor looks at when looking at these kind of situations." me thinking to myself like my friend has been having her ear bleeding randomly and her doctor told her the problem I didn't give her no medication to fix it then let her just go home.🙄

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    • 4th rate reality TV actor not a doctor

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  • Your such a caring doctor ❤️ You just earned another subscriber 😇

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  • He be playing fortnite

  • Hey uhm ik this is weird but im a 12 year old kid who weighs 85 lbs but i lost 4 lbs only but do i actually need help tho?

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  • Hey I haven't seen that 2020 progress video, that is shown at the end... Please share the link if have.

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  • He loose more than my weight. Lolsm i am only aroun 130 pounds lols.

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  • Will you do a video on the opposite end of the weight spectrum? Being extremely underweight is just as bad as being overweight.

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  • Nah doc, they gotta make that scale display bigger. That numbers gotta be looking at you dead in the eyes, just so it really sinks in. And if they don’t change, it is what it is. It’s kinda like cigarettes, you know you kinda start small. 1-2 a week, Than 4-5. And your downing a couple packs a week, starting to get that smokers cough(belly)?

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  • Hey Dr.Mike can u reply on my comment/question how do I gain weight I am only 10 and my weight is 58

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  • I loved this video, thank u so much for posting this and giving information, I have about 150lbs to lose without surgery and this game me alot of boost, thank you again Doctor Mike! I really love your videos 💜💜

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  • "I mean there's partial truth in that. I don't think thats a valid excuse for someone to make." Caption: * for adults * This is why I wish I wasn't 14

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  • Going to the gym is a good start

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  • this man reminds me of my uncle. idk why

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  • His voice broke when discussing having to talk about dying. He definitely isn't disgusted, he's very concerned.

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  • "you're perfect as you are" does not apply here

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  • "you're perfect as you are" does not apply here

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  • I took two surgeries 1. because I broke my arm(stage 4) and 2. Because I had appendicitis

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    • As long as you eat in moderation you’ll be okay 😊

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  • What the doctor said and when he said he’s gonna die I love the way he said that because if you want to tell the patient the truth what has to happen you don’t try to make it seem kittens and rainbows and soften up the blow no you just give them the information so they can know what they have to do. What is really in-front of them. But don’t make it seem dark and like nothing can happen tell them everything possible even if it is death or pain tell them their options tell them what they have to do Tell them what has to be done to live.

    PandaPanda2 päivää sitten
    • Because life comes with its challenges and you come with your lemonade maker

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  • Wow. First time seeing the video of Casey, and I am so proud of him. He lost almost 200 pounds!!! Edit: much more than 200 pounds now but that is so amazing

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